What’s up in The Awake Project?

Things are moving forward in a fast pace in the Awake Project. Right now, the ensemble are hanging out and rehearsing at Au Brana Cultural Centre in France. At the same time, we are updating our homepage and starting up our MySpace and Facebook Fan Page. We have also got a brand new logotype that was sketched up by Spanish designer Kristina Gonzales and brought to digital life by Swedish illustrator Nathalie Myrberg.
On top of all this, we are in the making of a documentary about The Awake Youth Project that took place in Glasgow. It’s filmed, directed and edited by filmmaker Arek Chrusciel of Inner City Pictures in London.

The ensemble have now been rehearsing at Au Brana for almost two weeks and will stay there for one more week.
After that they will join me here in Sweden, so that we can start setting up all that needs to be set up for our studioversion premiere of AWAKE.

The show will play at CuLTUREN,
in Västerås, Sweden, 12-16 September.
Ticket prices are 120 SEK or 70 SEK depending on your budget.

To get your ticket or to get more information about our premiere, send an e-mail to ticket@awakeproject.com.

Please feel free to contact me about anything concerning the premiere or The Awake Project at producer@awakeproject.com. No question is to small.

From a burning hot Sweden,


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