How to travel to Västerås and where to stay

Hi everyone!

Since I’ve had like one million (almost..) requests and questions about how you travel to Västerås the easiest way, where to stay in Västerås and prices I’ve put together a little document that I hope have the answer to all your questions! If you have any other questions – please feel free to ask me at

When flying to see The Awake Project Studio Premiere,
there are two nearby airports to choose from.

One is called Arlanda and is located in Stockholm and the other is strangely enough called Stockholm-Västerås. Most of the major airlines fly to Arlanda and Ryan Air fly to Stockholm-Västerås.

If you travel to Arlanda, the easiest way to get to Västerås is by bus. These buses leave from Arlanda around every hour and is called “Flygturen”. To see a time-table in PDF-format, follow this link: The route you will be traveling is Arlanda-Enköping-Västerås. You will be arriving at Scandic Hotel Västerås or at central Västerås. An easy way to get off at the right place is to ask the driver to tell you when you arrive at the hotel, as it is a bit of a walk between the two.

To book your Airport shuttle with Flygturen, visit You can also buy a ticket on the bus or at one of their ticket outlets. Accepted payment on the bus is Swedish Kronor and major credit cards. It is usually no problem getting a ticket stepping on the bus, but it is cheaper and you get a reserved seat if booking in good time. A ticket for the bus costs around 100-150 SEK.

If money is not an issue, there are taxis outside of Arlanda that will take you to Västerås. It is very hard to give an approximated price for these, but if I have to guess I’d say that the prices range from 1200 SEK to 3000 SEK.

If you fly to Stockholm-Västerås, you will find yourself about 10 minutes outside of Västerås by car. From here there are a few local buses going into the city. If you plan on going by bus, please let us know a few days before so that we can check your time-table, since these differ from summer and autumn. Another option is to go by taxi shuttle into the city, which we recommend since the price is only 25 SEK (~€2.5) more expensive than the local bus. These cost 50 SEK per person and is booked using the following link:

There are a few hotels in Västerås to choose from,
depending on your price range. To get an overview, it’s easiest to visit

Please make sure that you choose a hotel that is located in Västerås, since Sala, Köping, Eskilstuna and others are far away from where we will be playing.


One budget-hotel that is close to where we will be playing but isn’t on is From the hotel it is approximately 5-10 minutes to the The Awake Project Studio Premiere.

If you need assistance with booking or have any other questions about your travel to Västerås, don’t hesitate to ask.

Love and respect
Producer of The Awake Project


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