The Awake Party Project

Photo: Linnéa Pettersson. Awesome photo manipulation: Kontrollanton

Tomorrow, wednesday 16/9, it’s time for The Awake Party Project.

After the show, which starts at eight, we will go to Glödgargränd 8b where we will be partying all night. Tickets for the show are still booked and bought through Biograf Elektra, telephone number: 021 12 30 60.

Glödgargränd 8b is located near CuLTUREN in the area Kopparlunden in Västerås.

If you’ve seen any of our shows you are welcome to join. If you haven’t, you are still welcome to join.

If only going to the party, we recommend you show up around 21.30 – 22.00, earlier then that and the people going to the show will still be at CuLTUREN.

Remember to bring cash if you want to buy something to drink!

Looking forward to meeting you!

/The Awake Party Planning Committee Project Blog Advisor Team


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