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Photo exhibition by Linnéa Pettersson in Stockholm

As I mentioned earlier, we will be seen in a photoexhibition in Stockholm.
The exhibition is called 2XSCEN and is a collaboration between our photographer Linnéa Pettersson and Siri Isgren.

It all starts 26 November at Galleri DOBRE! Don’t miss out.
If you do, you still have the opportunity to see the exhibition until 10th December.

Adress to Galleri Dobre is Folkuniversitetet, Plan 6.

Click here to see the facebook-event for 2XSCEN.


Awake Youth gets its own blog

Hi everyone! awakeyouth3
logotype designed by Karl Trangärd.

We all love our youth projects,
that’s why I’ve created an own blog for Awake Youth!
Right now it’s just a few posts, but that will change in the future. The purpose with this is to show that Awake Youth is not the same as The Awake Project’s show AWAKE.
For now it’s this blog, in the future I’d like to see a community with actual youths using the forums (I will look into how to integrate forums with that blog).

I will post a short notice here when there’s a big thing posted on the Youth-blog, but to stay updated with everything that’s in the making in Awake Youth you should also check that blog.
What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Short news briefing

Hi everyone!


Photo by Linnéa Pettersson.

Even though the blog has been a bit passive lately, there’s actually quite much going on in The Awake Project.

We are right now starting up a collaboration with the Polish Brave Festivals side-project Brave Kids together with Awake Youth. I actually wrote a blog post long as a regular sized novel about this, but the bloghost decided not to save it. Will write more about this very exciting children’s project who will involve children from all over the world. We’re arranging the Swedish part of the project, me, Anton K. Andersson will be our organizer and Christopher Sivertsen and Maria Sendow will direct the children’s show in Poland.

We are also working together with Önstaskolan in Västerås, to arrange an Awake Youth Project in December.

Since I’m already talking about Awake Youth, I’m happy to announce that we are in the making of a fresh logotype and webpage for the youth projects together with Swedish designer & artist Karl Trangärd. You will know all about it when the work is done.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, we are producing promotion packs right now. If you are interested in getting a promotion pack, please contact Anton K. Andersson. Suggestion for e-mail topic: “Promotion pack, please!”. The promotion packs will be available after tuesday 20 october. I will also make sure that these are available in digital format, but this might take a few days more.

Finally, we will be promoting The Awake Project in a networking day between cultural workers and schools and other interested on 21 october, 12.00 – 12.20 at CuLTUREN, in Västerås, Sweden. Welcome!

Happy in body and mind,
Anton K. Andersson
Producer of The Awake Project

Photos from the exhibition, 12-16 Sept 2009

Our photographer Linnéa Pettersson sent me a CD with photos today, some of them on the exhibition that she helped us create.

The exhibition was displayed at CuLTUREN, Västerås, Sweden 12-16 September 2009.

All photos by Linnéa Pettersson.

Thanks to Linnéa & her father PG for being such a great asset when creating this exhibition!

The Awake Party Project

Photo: Linnéa Pettersson. Awesome photo manipulation: Kontrollanton

Tomorrow, wednesday 16/9, it’s time for The Awake Party Project.

After the show, which starts at eight, we will go to Glödgargränd 8b where we will be partying all night. Tickets for the show are still booked and bought through Biograf Elektra, telephone number: 021 12 30 60.

Glödgargränd 8b is located near CuLTUREN in the area Kopparlunden in Västerås.

If you’ve seen any of our shows you are welcome to join. If you haven’t, you are still welcome to join.

If only going to the party, we recommend you show up around 21.30 – 22.00, earlier then that and the people going to the show will still be at CuLTUREN.

Remember to bring cash if you want to buy something to drink!

Looking forward to meeting you!

/The Awake Party Planning Committee Project Blog Advisor Team

Tickets are going fast!

AWAKEHi possible guest. If you want to be able to see our premiere, you need to book your ticket really soon. We are soon sold out for the premiere. Get your ticket from Please don’t forget to mention date, name, number of tickets and if you want to pay 70 or 120 SEK.

Photo by Linnéa Pettersson.

How to always be updated on the latest blog news

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